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it's BOB'S BIRTHDAY! in memory of the amazing bob yellin

Guided Meditation

Read by Bob Yellin

Recorded in Austin, Texas
January, 2019

Preparation Meditation_BobBob Yellin
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In honor of Sweet Bob's birthday, we are giving you all a gift...this is a recording of Bob reading a guided pre-meditation script that was used in Sundara Foundation's Yoga, mindfulness and meditation work.  I have always LOVED Bob's voice - so deep, commanding, yet calming and relaxing. 

Just listening to this recording surrounds me with the memory of his warmth, love, strength, his gentle touch, and his forever present playfulness.  I hope you can feel it too.


Bob kidded around a lot during all projects like this one; he was so FUN to work with!  He usually ad-libbed some irreverent jokes in the same cadence that he was reading serious meditations - poking fun at Yoga, or me - without missing a beat. It would take a few seconds to register what he was saying and for us to realize he was going off-script. He always made the whole recording studio staff laugh uproariously. Jokes and irreverence aside, Bob was a long time Yoga practitioner, and realized the benefits of quieting one's mind - I believe that comes through in this recording too.  Enjoy! 
So Much Love to All, Genevieve

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